India-China : everybody is Kung fu fighting

The Himalayan border have not seen this much action in 45 years as China and India engaged in a brief firefight over the LAC (Line of Actual Control). Three months ago, 20 Indian soldiers were killed which led to India retaliating by banning over a hundred Chinese apps including its search engine, Tik Tok and WeChat.

Both armies are blaming each other for the percieved transgression with India blaming China of encroaching with rods, spears and clubs on their stragetic positions in Mukhpari peak and Rezang-La areas. When requested to retreat, Chinese troops allegedly fired some rounds in the air to intimidate Indian troops.

On the other side, China Global Times, a highly politicized outlet, believe in a recent article that India are provoking and intimidating them in an attempt to compromise over territory. They also deny India’s version of events and stated that it was India who “outrageously fired” warning shots near Pangong lake.

Furthermore, the Indian army issued a statement saying that China’s PLA confirmed that five men which had gone missing on September 2nd were found on the side of the chinese borders and negotiations were in place for them to be sent back.

This border aggression and possible escalationwould surely do neither side no favours, especially with the current challenges faced by both countries especially in relation to COVID, sanctions and economic woes.

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